IT Asset Recovery and Component Recovery

IT Asset/Component Recovery specialists, at Arion Global Inc., we understand the requirements of corporate clients. We customize IT asset recovery services to cater to your exact needs. It is probably the most costly risk if the lost opportunity to recover the value of a company’s retired IT equipment is not handled properly. With years of experience in the IT asset recovery business, we can help you determine and leverage the value in your unwanted equipment. We remove equipment that does not meet your needs any longer, was never deployed or you are just looking to upgrade – we purchase any manufacturer of IT gear.


Our Asset/Component Recovery services for IT equipment includes :

  • Telecom Equipment :– Our Telecom Equipment Recovery Service recover all surplus legacy main frame , telecom, etc..
  • Computers :– Discarded computers, non repairable computers, scrap computers, computer boards and other computer parts is considered hazardous e-waste and must be recycled and disposed of properly. At Arion Global Inc., we purchase all types of computer scrap, like scrap computers and computer related parts, discarded or outdated computers for recycling purposes.
  • Printers :– We make it easy for you to safely retire old, unnecessary printers of brands like HP, Epson, Dell, and other manufacturers. If equipment is truly obsolete, we can recycle it according to the environmental regulations. Our extensively experienced asset recovery experts follow our controlled processes and business practices.
  • Testing Equipment :– We provide an extensive range of asset recovery services to channel and commercial customers looking to maximize their return on surplus new or used testing equipment. Our assets management recovery specialists are extensively experienced and take utmost care while moving sensitive equipment.
  • Video Editing/ Broadcasting Equipment :– Video editing & broadcasting equipment require considerable attention. At Arion Global Inc., An asset recovery company- we are very attentive and careful while moving these materials.
  • IC components :– Integrated circuit components recovery is a key element of Arion Global’s commitment to total customer satisfaction and value added service. Our commitment to extracting maximum value from discarded IT equipment is an important sustainable strategy, minimizing the environmental impact and closing the loop on the IT equipment life-cycle.
  • Telecommunication Boards :– We also provide assets recovery serv ices for all kinds of outdated and obsolete telecommunication boards such as Nortel, Lucent, Avaya,

You can easily get rid of the waste computer components and other electronic devices by getting in touch with our representatives. We offer the best price for your waste electronic devices and help you in maintaining the clean work-space and contribute to a clean and green environment. As a leading company for computer disposal and recycling service in Los Angeles, San Diego, California and other nearby regions, we are successfully assisting corporate agencies for their bulk disposal needs. We are the one-stop solution provider computer recycling company and our clientele belongs to different industry verticals. Now before throwing away the waste electronic components, think of us and get the best value for your redundant products.

Our Asset/Component Recovery solutions enable businesses to unlock the value of their redundant or end-of-life computer hardware, software and communications assets. We provide brand and data security, full asset management tracking services and follow environmental and/or legislative obligations for equipment disposal.

We provide our customers with a maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return. All
materials sent to us are 100% recycled. We are based in Los Angeles, California

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