Arion Global, Inc. was founded by scrap and electronics recycling industry insiders with a combined 25 years of experience and broad knowledge in the scrap industry.

Arion Global, Inc. has positioned itself in the re-provisioning supply chain for the world’s manufacturing industries, providing a green alternative to the expensive mining of natural resources.

Our value proposition to our customers, both domestic and international, is to find the desired scrap material at competitive pricing and provide shipping arrangements to the desired port of entry in partnership with our preferred freight forwarders.

We have the knowledge and expertise in the electronics recycling, metal scrap recycling and plastics recycling , plus the certifications necessary to safely provide quality recycled materials to any location in the world.


Recycled American scrap iron, steel, electronics, copper and aluminum are valued commodities sought worldwide. New electric cars and hybrid vehicles could be made exclusively from recycled metal scraps and waste electronics. Of all these metals, aluminum requires a much lower temperature to recycle compared with processing new aluminum. According to Wasteonline, energy saved by recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for 3 hours.

We provide our customers with a maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return. All
materials sent to us are 100% recycled. We are based in Los Angeles, California

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