Precious Metals Recovery

Precious Metals Recovery

Arion Global Inc. is the leader and innovator in the precious metals recovery and recycling industry. The company purchases, recycles and refines all your scrap precious metals, serving small businesses and large corporations in a range of industries throughout the world.

We are fully dedicated to provide the highest level of service to suppliers, and ensures that your scrap precious metals undergo a careful and attentive process, paying strict attention to environmental, health and safety regulations that govern our industry. As a complete and one-stop precious metals recovery and refinery solution, we offer:

  • IC components: – IC components recovery is our forte. We commit total customer satisfaction and value added service. Our commitment to extracting maximum value from discarded IT equipment is a crucial sustainable strategy, reducing the environmental impact and closing the loop on the IT equipment lifecycle.
  • Printed Circuit Boards:- We, at Arion Global Inc., provide circuit boards recycling solutions for all circuit boards, like telecommunications circuit cards, circuit packs, communication boards, cell sites, PC boards (mother boards and internal boards) and bare boards,
  • Silicon Scrap:- We can take care of all your silicon recycling requirements. Our capabilities entail reclaiming and recycling of scrap silicon, like bare, coated and patterned IC silicon wafers, as well as broken solar cells. We develop customized solutions for each of our customers.

Dedicated to surpassing suppliers’ expectations, we strive to make the process of precious metal recycling seamless, from scheduling your pick up. Our friendly, capable and organized staff works with you to bring about a recycling plan that aligns with your business goals. We are fully committed to comply with all regulatory standards, and our supplier’s .

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