Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal | Recycle Services

Mercury is a key element in nearly all light bulbs. While there is no direct risk to the end user, environmental and health risks are associated with its disposal. Following the proper process of light bulb recycling for these particular types of bulbs, you can create a difference. Arion Global, Inc, one of the industry’s leading fluorescent light disposal companies, provides light bulb recycling services and ensures proper packaging and handling solutions that prevents unnecessary landfill waste and potential hazards to the environment. Utilizing proper light bulb recycling processes, the company can help you safely recycle light bulbs in a manner that complies with EPA and government regulatory guidelines.

 Lights accepted for light bulb disposal

  • High Intensity Discharge (Metal Halide, Bi-Metal, High Pressure Sodium)

  • Fluorescent Tubes (all diameters and lengths)

  • Shatter-shield and Plastic Coated

  • Compact Fluorescent

  • Circular Fluorescent

  • U-Bend Fluorescent

  • Lighting Ballasts

  • Ultra Violet (UV)

  • Flood Lamps

  • Incandescent

  • Halogen

  • Neon

While these lamps help businesses and consumers in reducing their energy usage and cutting energy costs, it’s essential that any product with mercury needs to be managed and disposed of properly. Arion Global, Inc light bulb recycling services have features such as:

  • Leading-edge and avant-garde treatment such as separating, crushing, and retorting process equipment.

  • Premier customer service to process your order and answer your questions quickly.

  • Sealed drum turning equipment for crushed lamps process.

  • Light Bulb Recycling/ Destruction certificate

Moreover, we provide complete recycling process for your fluorescent lamp disposl needs . Keeping you in compliance with DOT & EPA regulations, we furnish transportation and packaging services for your waste lamps alongside proper labeling. Our recycling specialists can handle all risky materials properly and safely. They are highly conscious about natural resources and take complete care of their preservation. With our expert and extensively experienced light bulb recycling specialists, we can help in minimizing long term liabilities, certifying that your fluorescent lamps or mercury components will be destroyed and recycled properly. We also allow for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly accommodation of bulk pickup schedules. Contact Arion Global today to recycle your waste light bulbs.