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The Environmentally Responsible choice for Asset Recovery Company

Arion Global, Inc. is engaged in offering a number of enriched and effective asset management and recycling services for both large and small-sized asset recovery companies. Our goal is to provide customized designs and solutions to make the management of your IT Asset Disposition as efficient and cost effective as possible; our global solutions address every phase of a product lifecycle. Our services are well-recognized for cost-effectiveness, timeliness and reliability.

  • End-of-life solutions- Arion Global, Inc can consult your company on managing the complex web of environmental standards and compliance regulations concerning asset management and disposition. Our team of asset recycling professionals can offer you an array of options for dealing with end-of-life equipment, and other materials.
  • Data destruction- We take data destruction very seriously. Your intellectual property remains protected with us. Our data wiping and reporting tools provide a piece of mind. Our hard drive shredding, wiping hard drive  capabilities are a secure solution for any data destruction companies. We understand corporate requirements regarding data privacy and confidentiality.
  • Asset recovery- Our asset recovery services will get you the best value for your IT equipment before you dispose of it. We specialize in distributing and reselling obsolete IT equipment through international markets.
  • Compliance consulting- We provide free consultation on the kind of asset management solution that would be best for your company. Choose from cost-effective recycling solutions, to full asset disposition reporting, and value recovery programs. We are experts in IT Equipment, Medical, Factory Scrap, Surplus, etc.
  • Junk Removal and Hauling- Businesses can benefit from our experience in working with facilities and building managers to provide a seamless junk removal, old office equipment, furniture recycling, cubicle de-installation and haul away services. We have the know-how and necessary equipment to accomplish removals large and small.
  • Product Destruction- We can destroy your surplus and recalled products and generate a certificate of destruction.

We provide our customers with a maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return. All materials sent to us are 100% recycled.